Junior Park Run by Eva O’Mahoney – Aged 8 & 3/4

Wrist Band Park Run Totals

Parkrun isn’t just for the adults, children can do it too. Studies say that children in the UK are some of the unfittest in the world. In 2004 the first Parkrun started for adults in the UK and then six years later the first Junior Parkrun started for kids and now a Junior Parkrun takes place every Sunday morning in 172 locations across the country.

Every Saturday is the adults Parkrun which is 5K and the age group is 15 onwards. And on Sunday morning is Junior Parkrun, the distance is 2K and is for 4 to 14 year olds. You can run with an adult and then when you’re more confident you can run on your own.

Up until July 2017 there has been 12,892 Junior Parkruns across the country. The average run time is about 12 minutes and 41 seconds. Unfortunately I have never been able to crack that – yet! Junior Parkrun has around 137,928 children taking part at the moment – wow, that’s a lot! And also up until now there has been 229,402 PBs, well done!

Adults get a t shirt when time they do 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 Parkruns. Once the children have run 11 Junior Parkruns they can get their half marathon wristband. They can then work towards their marathon and ultra-marathon wristbands.

Both adult and Junior Parkrun are completely free and all you have to do is get a barcode which you can print off at the Parkrun website after you have registered. You can check the website to find the nearest one to you and if you don’t have a local one then maybe contact Parkrun and help set one up.

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