Our Staff Picks Top 10 Best Stability Running Shoes

When running or even walking, everybody ‘pronates’.  It is the natural way in which feet choose to absorb body weight when landing on the ground.  However, some people’s arches will roll inwards and downwards causing the body to become unaligned. This movement is called ‘over-pronation’. Un -alignment puts unnecessary strain on the body, in particular: the lower back, legs and knees and it is linked to the cause of many injuries e.g. Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, hill pain and shin splints. Over-pronation is common in people with flat feet and it is mostly visible in ‘mid – phase’, the stage in running when all body weight is concentrated on one foot as the runner is just about to place the next foot down.

Over-pronation is not anything to worry about and it generally occurs in people with flat and flexible feet.  Some people are born with flat feet but over-pronation can also develop due to conditions such as obesity or pregnancy. There are many ways to counteract against over-pronation, including – wearing orthotics or strengthening the muscles surrounding the arch of the foot. However, the most effective support can be found in trainers specifically designed to stop the arches from rolling inwards and downwards. Finding the correct shoe can make a huge difference to your performance and comfort and getting it right is important since 3 – 4 times your own body weight goes through your shoes when running.

In store we have a wide range of supportive shoes, all of which work to keep the foot perfectly upright and aligned. When purchasing a pair of supportive shoes, it is a process of trial and error. All shoes use different technology, cushioning and will have support found to different extents. Some will work for some people whilst others will not. We always recommend having a run on our in–store treadmill and to complete a ‘gait analysis’ where we can check to see if the shoe is working for you when running.  A successful gait analysis could take up to 40 minutes. Of course, the gait analysis is important, however it also comes down to comfort and which shoe has the most appealing feel to it. We always recommend trying on a variety of different brands to get a good comparison and idea for all that is out there. When considering the size of the shoe, make sure to cater for swelling. When you run the blood goes straight to your feet and they will swell. This swelling can often cause friction and therefore blisters and black toenails for example.

At The Running Outlet we stock a wide range of brands from Asics to Adidas and Brooks to New Balance. All of the brands suit different sizes and types of feet and provide an extensive range of high cushioning, neutral, stability as well as trail shoes and racing spikes. All of our shoes are super breathable and lightweight.

To follow are 10 Recommended Stability Running Shoes at The Running Outlet (Autumn 2018)

1. Adidas Solar Glide ST

The Solar Glide is part of Adidas’s new range of trainers. This model still incorporates adidas’s well recognized material which is Boost – compressed plastic pellets which are fused together to form a bouncy and soft sole with a huge amount of energy return. Its benefit have been revolutionary to performance in running. The Boost compresses under the foot and it instantly works to push back up again, forming a hugely efficient cushioning system which has dominated the world of running shoes for a while now. The Solar Glide ST was formed after the response to the Ultra Boost; the shoe has a newly formed shoe which is completely different to the ultra boost without the one seam upper. Instead, they have replaced it with a soft and flexible material which holds the foot in place perfectly in a different way to which the ‘cage’ previously did so.  Adidas used revolutionary Tailored Fibre Placement (TPF) which delivers lightweight support, superior cushioning and precise comfort. The shoe is so lightweight that the technology was inspired by the works of NASA and includes ‘rocket science’ you can wear on your own feet. The shoe is designed to support the foot but also allow for a cushioned and enjoyable stride in a versatile shoe.


2. Adidas Ultra Boost ST

Remaining with adidas we also sell the successful Ultra Boost range. In the category of stability, they are also very successful with the Ultra Boost ST, packed with a tremendous amount of technology. The shoe has a ‘prime knit upper’ which wraps the foot in adaptive support, still allowing for a natural movement of the foot when running. The cage in this shoe is knitted and adds reinforcement.  A responsive midsole cushioning is firmer on the arch side to ensure a smooth, stable ride from landing to push-off; this is where the support is found.  Adidas have a heel counter in the back of their shoes which protects the Achilles but also allows for its natural movement. This is a great benefit of the trainer. The Ultra Boost ST of course, once again includes boost as the material to provide cushioning. It’s advantages include high energy return and comfort but also an excellent lifespan for the shoe. Most shoes use an EVA Foam based material, adidas do not. Eventually, foam based materials compress and this is when you know a shoe has reached the end of it’s life. Generally this is around the 600 mile mark but Boost is great as it keeps going for longer. 800 miles plus. To conclude, this shoe speaks for itself when you try it on. Most people compare it to a slipper in terms of it’s softness. However, everybody’s feet are different. Some people would be reassured by the feeling of a firm shoe on their foot. We are currently stocking the PARLEY edition, where the upper is knitted by a yarn which is spun from plastic that is reclaimed before it reaches the ocean. An environmental organization which addresses threats towards the ocean through plastic waste. A thoughtful and unique concept which is definitely worth a try.

3. Asics GT 2000 V6

Moving away from adidas, we come to Asics. Once again an innovative brand with amazing ideas in all of their trainers. Asics are well recognized for their gel cushioning deriving from a ‘silicone’ gel.  In terms of their supportive range, we offer the GT 1000, GT 2000 and the Gel Kayano. All of which offer support and display the gel technology. This is found in the rear foot and reduces impact during a heel strike and allows for a smooth transition. The gel is also visible in the forefoot and enhances shock reduction during forward movements. The gel is created from a mixture of polymers to form the silicone, in which overall cushioning and performance is increased. The GT 2000 is Asics supportive shoe with a mild degree of stability, designed for runners who mildly ‘overpronate’ and need a little help with remaining upright. If you do not overpronate massively, then this shoe is perfect for you. The shoes also include a Flytefoam material which is low density and constructed for less drag when running. They incorporate an external heel counter which minimizes ankle movement as well as dynamic duomax which evens the foot plane.  Asics are a well distinguished brand and are very successful in their work. Pop in to try the GT2000. We currently have the GT 2000 Lite – Show Shoe, which is designed with a highly reflective material for improved visibility before dawn or after dusk, perfect for night safety. Be quick before they all go.

4. Asics Gel Kayano 25

Previously touched upon, we stock three Asics stability shoes. The GT 1000, GT2000 and the Gel Kayano. All increase in terms of support, meaning that the Gel Kayano is the brands ‘premium’ supportive shoe offering the highest level of technology and support.  Although there is a jump in price you are sure to get your money’s worth out of this high mileage shoe.  The shoe dates back to 1993 as the brands flagship shoe. It is now on it’s 25th version and over the years it has been evolved to deliver maximized stability and exceptional comfort from heel to toe throughout your stride. It is designed with overpronators in mind to support the foot on impact as it attempts to roll inwards and down.  The shoe has plush cushioning throughout with FLYTEFOAM which convert impact into bounce back propulsion and also includes their famous silicone gel which is not found anywhere else. The support is found within the Duomax technology at the medial post of the foot, just beneath the arch. You are sure to feel locked in with this design and you will feel supported from the start of your run to the end without fail. The shoe has a metaclutch to hold the heel in place along with rear foot visible gel and non – visible forefoot gel. The lightweight and breathable upper allow for a cool and comfortable foot while the ortholite x40 sock liner deals with moisture management.  Asics have more recently been known to come up as a slightly narrower brand however with the new update, a new and improved spacious toe box has been introduced to allow for a more realistic fit. In store, we are currently stocking limited edition colours.

5. Nike Air Zoom Structure 21

The Nike Structure is a great shoe, offering brilliant value for money. Nike are a brilliant brand and have great shoes designed specifically for running. The shoe is now on its 21st version showing it’s huge amounts of success. Nike as a brand, tend to not make many changes or tweaks to the shoe because as the saying goes ‘if it is not broken, then why fix it.’ The structure has always had excellent feedback and customers always seem satisfied with the purchase of this highly supportive shoe. The Structure is a high mileage shoe, used by a great league of elite athletes showing it’s pedigree. The shoe has an engineered mesh, heel overlay and dynamic support throughout the midfoot which all work together to display a fast and smooth transition and stride. The shoe is high in terms of stability and dynamic support provided beneath the medial post just beneath the arch.  The trainer has a wide base which increases stability and promotes a perfect alignment of the foot. It is designed to propel your next step forward and slow the rate of pronation with firmer foam found on the inside of the midfoot. Over its history the shoe has been made lighter, yet remained a sturdy base to secure the midfoot, combating the effects of overpronation in a runners stride very efficiently. The cushioning of the shoe is often referred to as firmer than others. Providing a steady cushion lasting well into long runs. The shoe has a lovely fit and wide toe – box encased by a soft upper. Overall the shoe is great and has very little downfalls. The brand also brings inspiration and innovation to athletes all over through their work.

6. Hoka One One Arahi 2

Hoka are a reasonably new brand in the world of running who have very quickly become well distinguished. They are a rather cosmopolitan brand, deriving from two French runners however they have a ‘Hawaiian’ name. Hoka originated from two French guys who loved running. They did so every day in the French Alps and were considered as running ‘enthusiasts’. They were sure that to make an efficient running shoe for a smoother ride they would have to maintain ‘momentum’ and ‘adrenaline’. They decided to add cushioning, a wider sole, lightweight material and a rocker in the midsole. They continued to carve, shave, glue and run on foam for well over a year to perfect the model for themselves. Eventually word got around and people wanted the shoe for themselves to try, here it is. A shoe packed with cushioning and support, suitable for high mileage. It is no wonder why the shoe is so well loved by marathoners and ultra marathoners.  In the shoe, there looks to be a massive drop, however in reality your foot sits within a cradle on top of a rocker. It rocks you forwards from the heel of the foot to the toe, propelling you in the direction you want to move. Taking the pressure off your feet, the shoe makes you more ‘efficient’ and makes some of the difficult parts of running a little easier. The process is all aided by the J – Curved sole which rolls people onto the forefront of the foot. The Arahi has a huge deal of cushioning within it along with support to tackle overpronation. The properties of the shoes comfort are often compared to ‘marshmallows’ however we call this shoe our ‘marmite’ shoe. You will either love it or hate it. It will definitely be worthwhile to try this shoe on as it feels a lot different when standing in it as a pose to actually running in it.

7. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Brooks are a very successful running brand. They have been around for over 100 years, producing excellent shoes with great ideas behind all of them. This year they have been one of, if not our best selling brand due to the intense and innovative new technology and design found within their models.

Brooks use an interesting material in their shoes called DNA. It is found specifically in the midsole of the shoe and it is a uniquely adaptive cushioning system. It adapts to factors like – weight, pace, gait and running surface. This adds spring to each step and a smoother transition from heel to toe.  Energy return is very efficient in Brooks as a brand as it’s cushioning system provides twice as much energy than a normal EVA Foam Based Material would. Essentially, Brooks use a material similar to the properties of ‘custard’ and the more you run on it and the more pressure you apply to it, the more the material hardens. Brooks are great at catering for everybody’s needs as the shoe can be classified as a one for all. The GTS comes with a modern, sleek, streamlined upper but still offers support and fit which long-time users always expect. It’s balance of plush cushioning with flexibility, stability and secure fit make it the perfect shoe for those who want a smooth ride but also support.

8. ON Cloudflyer

‘ON’ are a reasonably new Swiss brand. They are very innovative with all of their ideas and concepts and most importantly they are confident in their beliefs. They currently (October 2018) offer a policy in store for you to return your shoes if you’re not satisfied within 30 days, no matter how many times you have run in them.

‘ON’ refers to the switching ‘ON’ and the activation of working muscles when running. The Cloudflyer stands out due to it’s interesting sole, with individual lugs which are referred to as ‘clouds’. When running they work to move in all directions and compress to use your own body weight as your own support and cushioning system. This concept provides excellent comfort and spring in a unique way. Thus, the technology behind the Swiss brand is superb and up and coming. The shoe is perfect for on – road ‘stability’ runners who need help in stabilizing the arch of their foot. Perks about the shoe include it’s ability to change direction quickly. Perfect for exercise involving agility. E.g. Gym Work, Tennis etc. Even though it is actually a certified ‘running’ shoe. The idea behind the shoe sprouted from beach running and how sand will mould to the shape of a bare foot; hence it’s lightweight, soft and mesh like upper. The shoe is built with a responsive flex which bends and promotes a flowing motion. Encouraging, the natural rolling process and unlocking explosive take off’s. If you are looking for a comfortable, stable, lightweight and responsive trainer then definitely give the Cloudflyer a try.

9. Saucony Omni ISO

The Omni by Saucony is a great stability shoe for your moderate pronator to your over pronator. The shoe has a second density midsole which offers additional support to the medial side of the shoe and helps to control the pronating phase when running. Within the midsole of the shoe  there is ‘ever run’ foam added. ‘Ever run’ is contained under the sockliner where there will be a full length layer. The foam is saucony’s cushioning material which adds to the responsiveness, durability and resilience of the shoe. The Omni has a lightweight, breathable mesh. The shoe is framed by ‘flexfilm’ which is a seamless overlay which helps to frame the upper, providing ampel comfort and support with a soft and roomy forefoot and toebox. The Omni has technology called ‘sauc- fit’ , which is a nice feature which helps to snug the mid foot of the shoe giving some more support to the upper. An external support frame surrounds the heel to support the frame, adding and assiting with the stability experience for the runner. The shoe is very flexible thanks to the ‘tri flex out sole’ which displays great surface contact and balance. The heel of the shoe uses a high durability XT900 hard rubber and throughout the forefoot is a softer IBR+ rubber which is more soft.

The Omni has been a huge success for Saucony as a brand, offering great support. The newly updated ‘ISO’ version has an iso-fit design which creates a more dynamic fir which adapts to the shape and motion of the runners foot.

10. New Balance 860v8

The eighth version of the 860 uses New Balance’s Trufuse technology which has been designed to promote the perfect balance of cushioning and support. The upper has also been adjusted with a sleaker and more breathable design , promoting a more secure fit whilst inside the shoe the Ortholite premium insole offers arch support. The flexible T-beam engineering system also delivers torsional stability and arch support, preventing the arch from rolling inwards. It’s unique design displays ‘ABZORB’ crashpads which offer more cushioning i the midfoot and give shock absorption to a great extent. The foam used within New Balance is 12% lighter than standard foam , offering lightweight cushioning. It’s classsified as a ‘moderate’ stability shoe, so if you are looking for some extra support in your arch be sure to give the 860 a go. New Balance produce a great range of premium running shoes for high quality peformance-focused training. Their latest technology has innotive concepts which keep you both comfortable and agile.

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