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Polar Heart Rate Monitors


Polar are one of the leading manufacturers in heart rate monitoring products. It has a vast range of different devices from basic heart-rate displays to sophisticated fitness watches with integrated heart-rate. We stock the FT range of Polar’s heart-rate monitors, including FT1, FT2, FT4 and FT7. With the more basic models you get one-touch functionality for easy use with average and maximum heart rates measured. As the watches get more sophisticated, they begin to measure your heart rate in zones, and in the most advanced watches these zones can be pre-set. The devices can also calculate your heart-rate as a percentage of your maximum capabilities to show you how hard your body is working, and it can even measure the calories burned. Some of the more advanced watches have data memory that can be transferred to your PC/Mac. This enables you to be able to keep a record of your workouts, and includes personalised achievements and motivational feedback when you have improved your fitness levels.

Polar heart rate monitors are coded to link up with your device, but they can also be linked with gym equipment that is compatible, so you can view your heart rate on the console’s screen. The watches all have a sleek design and can be worn for everyday use as well as activities with a 12/24 hours time display when not in use. They are also water resistant between 30m and 50m.