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Garmin Heart Rate Monitors


If you want to reach the best levels of fitness then incorporating a heart rate monitor with your Garmin watch makes for the ultimate training experience and most accurate analysis. Heart rate Monitors are available for the Forerunners 220, 620 and 910. They have a cloth strap that is elasticated so fits more snug than plastic straps, meaning they won’t slip or irritate. The sensor clips onto the strap and synchs almost immediately with the watch. With your heart rate comes a host of different ways in which you can train. If you are training for fitness, you can assign your training days to different heart rate zones, depending on how hard you need to work. In addition, you can also use your heart rate to measure your recovery in sessions rather than time, enabling you to recover to a suitable level before attacking the next rep.

If you want to get the most out of your training, the Garmin 620’s smart heart rate monitor, called the HRM-Run monitor, not only measures your heart rate, but also your position relative the ground. The smart heart rate monitor includes a recovery check, telling you how long you should wait before your next run. Also, it can measure your vertical oscillation and cadence, which we find has been very useful for marathon training because it can help you to run as efficient as possible. This heart rate monitor goes one step further and estimates your VO2 Max, your maximum oxygen consumption, using all the data it collects. This prediction is very useful too because it can help you to set realistic and achievable goals that will help you progress better.