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Garmin GPS Running Watches


Garmin have a wide range of GPS watches, from a simple GPS stop watch to sophisticated tracking and monitoring devices. The latest range of GPS watches from Garmin include the Forerunner 10, the Forerunner 220, the Forerunner 620, and the Forerunner 910XT. All models track your distance, pace, calories burned, as well as keeping a record of your personal bests.

The Forerunner 220 and 620 go far beyond just tracking you, but become an integrated coaching device. You can create training goals and sessions, from regular intervals to the most irregular fartlek, and the watch will give motivational feedback when you complete, achieve or surpass goals. In addition to this, the 220 and 620 watches have a bright colour display that makes it easier to read during training, and present mile/kilometre splits and other notifications with a larger display than previous watches.  It will alert you with an alarm and vibration so you will always be in the know even with earphones in. It is extremely rare to lose signal with Garmin watches, but if this happens, the 220 and 620 have a build it accelerometer that will keep a record if you run through tunnels or extremely dense forests. The Forerunner 620 also includes a new feature to measure your cadence to help you develop a more efficient running style. With a Smart Heart Rate Monitor, the 620 measures your cadence and also how high you propel yourself in the air; it gives you a recovery meter so you don’t run fatigued, and has a VO2 Max analyser. When you have completed your run or session, Garmin Connect allows you to upload all your recorded activities to an online training diary where you can view all your past performances throughout the years to measure your progress.  You can view sessions more visually with maps and graphs that show your pace, distance, heart rate, cadence and elevation against time and it will also help you plan sessions.