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2XU Sale & Clearance


2XU occasionally change their apparel designs, or bring out new accessories that replace existing items. Though they use the same high quality materials and technologies in their ranges, it means that sometimes we have a few pieces of left over stock from a previous season’s range. In our Sales and Clearance section you will find past season’s Tri-Suits, that have the same quality as the current models, but without any new design specifications.  In 2XU compression wear, expect the same level of graduated compression as you would from their new range, as once again 2XU will have changed small details such as stitching locations or even something as small as the colour of the logo. If the Tri-Season is coming to an end, then any left-over Tri-accessories can be found here too, including swim caps, goggles and bags. Although you may not have any competitions coming up, you still need good quality kit to train with, and if your existing kit has worn out, the clearance section is a good place to replace it before the new season starts.