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Saucony Running Shoes


Saucony have made vast changes and improvements to all its running shoes to make them lighter, more cushioned, and more responsive than ever before. The decision to reduce the bulk of the heel from 12mm to 8mm across all premium shoes shows how it has adapted to market demands for more minimal shoes that still offer superb cushioning and support. By creating an 8mm offset along the mid foot, Saucony shoes provide better balance along the heel to toe transition, and help to encourage a mid-foot strike without reducing any cushioning.

Powergrid is a direct challenge to other brands that use gel-like materials.  It is full length, premium cushioning material that is 30% lighter than standard EVA. Since it is full length, it provides higher levels of cushioning throughout the entire running phase, and because it is foam based rather than gel, is far lighter.

Saucony have also made its shoes flexible enough to move with your foot, whilst at the same time offering guidance through the heel to toe transition phase of the running motion. The SRC Crash Pad at the rear is de-coupled from the rest of the shoe allowing it to flex and offer better shock absorption on impact, helping to direct your foot forward.  Using Fluid Transition, Saucony has created a medial post along the mid foot that helps to stabilise any lateral movement, keeping your foot upright.

If you need extra support, Saucony stability shoes have Dual Density SSL EVA, a more firm foam mixture, under the arch to reduce the effects of over-pronation through the mid foot. From this additional control Saucony use Flexible Forefoot along the front of the shoe. Using flex grooves, its running shoes bend with your foot at the off to provide more comfort and a better spring in every step.

Along with these features, Saucony have also developed a breathable and flexible upper that moves with your foot to reduce irritation and improve comfort.  Arch Lock is a stretchy material that moves with the foot through the transitional phase of the stride, keeping a snug and supportive fit while Hydra Max offers exceptional moisture wicking to help keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of blisters.