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Brooks Running Shoes


Brooks pack so much technology into its shoes that you will not only feel amazingly cushioned but supported from heel to toe, under and above the foot.  Starting at the heel is hydroflow, a liquid that, placed under the heel, it’s job is to displace upon impact and reduce shock.  Also at the heel, and under the ball of the foot, is E-fusion. This works with hydroflow to creates better propulsion.

  DNA is one of its most recent technologies in the rear and front of the shoe. It has made the cushioning of its entire range of shoes rival the very best of the market and DNA has become Brooks standard shock absorbing technology because it so effectively reduces the levels of shock on impact. It works like custard. DNA is a liquid that solidifies on impact, adjusting to your bio-mechanical needs to provide excellent cushioning and also responsive energy feedback more efficiently. To assist with all round cushioning from heel strike to toe, Brooks MoGo is the main foam technology designed to be more durable and offer better cushioning than the standard EVA found in cheaper shoes.  With MoGo in your stride, your feet will take a lot less strain, and being 33% more resistant to impact, it will increase the lifespan of the shoe.  To help the shoe move with you foot and to provide better comfort, Brooks place flex grooves called flextra and omega groove along the front of the shoe for a more efficient toe off but without compromising cushioning.

 While all its cushioning technologies have made Brooks one of the softest feeling running brands in the world, its stability technology is one of our favourites.  This is achieved with PDRB technology, a dual density foam construction that sits underneath the medial post.  As it is denser, it decreases lateral movements in the stride, slowing down pronation and controlling the foot throughout the transition phase of the stride.  It is this technology that has made the GTS Adrenaline one of the most award winning shoes in recent years.