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Skins Compression Socks


Skins have used its innovative technology to create a range of calf guards that specifically target the soleus and gastrocnemius. They use the same Memory MX fabric that is in the Skins A400 range, so the calf guards won’t lose their shape over usage, and use Skins warp knit for a better fit with and targeted compression. For additional support, calf guards also come with an optional stirrup to prevent any slipping from the ankle. Skins Compression Socks are the newest addition to the Skins family. Their graduated compression works by targeting the lower ankle to assist the blood flow up the leg, and stop blood from pooling in your lower limbs. This makes them ideal for during and post exercise. The socks are highly padded to reduce impact when running, and skins have placed anti-chafing yarns into the base of the heel and toe to help reduce friction that can cause blisters.