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Running socks have come a long way in design and the wearing the correct socks is just as important as finding the right shoe.Women's sizes start from UK 3 - 8 and Men's sizes are available from UK 6 - 14 and in several styles.  Trainer liners stop before the ankle and are ideal for summer or in the gym whilst anklets offer a bit more coverage.  To help in the prevention of blisters, many socks have two layers.  The inner layer stays with the foot whilst the outer layer moves with the running shoe, preventing friction on the skin.  Using a mixture of lightweight materials ensures moisture management to keep feet dry and some have a ventilation mesh to help keep the foot cool.  The construction of the running sock can offer support and cushioning where needed, with some designed specifically for the left or right foot.  Compression socks are also useful in aiding post run recovery.

Sizes may vary according to brands, and some socks are unisex. We suggest that you check your size with our relevant size guides.