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Mizuno Running Clothing


Like all running apparel, Mizuno have made sure its garments are the most comfortable and breathable. Using Blindstitch, it has created a range of clothing that has flat seams to reduce irritation.  Drilite technology wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable, and a panelled construction called Body Mapping, along with Dynamotion fit both circulate the air inside the garment to maintain body temperature. To enhance the breathability, Mizuno use Intercool, a lightweight knit yarn that has superior moisture management and Freshplus with its deodorising effect, to help keep clothing fresh like new.

For winter runs, it is Mizuno’s thermal products that impress us the most.  Breath Thermal has made its tights one of the most popular for the winter due to its lightweight fibre that wicks away sweat and then uses the moisture to generate heat to keep you dry and warm. It insulates you from harsh cold conditions whilst keeping you dry, making it a fabulous thermal technology.  It’s also as flexible as standard moisture wicking fabrics making it just as comfortable to wear. In its jackets, Mizuno use Imperlite which provides water and wind protection whilst staying breathable.