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Skins Compression Clothing


Skins compression range is of the highest quality, providing 50+ UV protection. Its materials ensure dynamic graduated compression that is targeted to specific muscles groups. This means that you get what skins call an oxygen delivery system to your muscles to slow down fatigue and speed up recovery. Its A400 range has been designed for optimal fit and longevity. Skins have used a 3D body scanner on over 800,000 subjects, and with it found 400 key fitting points that has been used in all its compression clothing. To help keep its shape, Skins use Memory MX fabric, a unique material that wraps around your body but does not lose its shape after use. In addition, the special warp knit construction helps keep the skins breathable, and also means that the garments have very little natural stretch. This means that the compression stays in place for better fit, and it won’t come loose if it frays. As the Skins support your muscles, it reduces the vibrations that occur when working out, reducing soft tissue damage. This decreases the chance of injury as you will be approaching your next workout better recovered. Extra ventilation panels are placed in the armpits of the tops to improve breathability, and all Skins are moisture wicking to keep you dry and comfortable. In its A200 range, you get the same graduated compression, but the fit has been formed upon a BMI algorithm rather than the 400 key points from its 3D body scanner. Please note, the A200 doesn’t use Memory MX fabric, but the level of compression is comparable.