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Ultimate Performance Running Accessories

Ultimate Performance are one the leading running accessory brands. Its range of running extras are invaluable to both the casual and competitive runner. Its running belts have been a great aid to many customers preparing for their first marathon, or runners who are working towards a successive competition and needed a product that could carry water and energy gels safely and securely during their training and the race itself. The Titan waist pack is the roomiest belt that we stock. It has a large and a small compartment, ideal for keeping your keys from scratching your phone screen. The stretchy neoprene finish means that it is soft against your waist. If water is required, UP bottle belts hold the most fluid, they come with either two and four bottles and still have compartments for additional gels or keys. All UP waist bags and bottle belts are fully adjustable to fit securely and reduce bounce for a more comfortable fit. If you only want to take your phone then UP armbands are compatible with most smart phones. The elasticised strap and secure velcro finish makes them fully adjustable and prevents the armband slipping or sliding down your arm when running. A transparent screen allows you to carry on using the touch screen to answer calls or change track while on the move and with no hassle.

Ultimate Performance have also developed a sensor pocket for the Nike+ chip that sits neatly in your shoe lace so you don’t necessarily need a Nike shoe to enjoy the benefits of Nike+, with a velcro attachment it can be easily put on and taken off.

For the track or cross country athlete. We also stock UP spike pins for track (6mm) and for cross country (9mm, 12mm, 15mm) to keep you gripped to the ground. A spike key is also available that fits all UP spike pins so you can change your spikes from the track to the fields and back again