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Ronhill Running Accessories

Ronhill makes a vast range of accessories to help with visibility and protection, whether it’s against the cold or the heat.  The LED button slots into jackets and is small and lightweight, but extremely bright so you won’t notice it but those around you will. Snapbands and Hi Visibility running bibs are also made to help make sure you are seen when out on the road for late night runs. 

Ronhill have used its Thermalite technology to create hats, headbands and gloves that are breathable but still protect your hands, head or ears from strong cold winds and gales. They all come in two sizes for a more snug fit, and use flexlite, which gives them a natural stretch for better comfort.

In the summer, Ronhill caps and visors protect against potential sun stroke, and are fully adjustable to fit any head size. Ronhill also make famous hand bottles that are lightweight and perfect for carrying with you on your runs. We find it can make the perfect accompaniment for short runs where a bottle belt is not necessary, but some additional fluids are still essential.