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Brooks Running Accessories

Like the rest of the Brooks range, its accessories are packed with technologies to make a better every day running experience. It uses Be Warm technologies to help keep your head, ears and hands warm from the cold and the wind. Hats and headbands are one size fits all, and in the women’s hats and headbands there is also a pony tail hole for a more comfortable fit. The Headbands have an additional fleeced lining on the inside for maximum insulation, and come in a range of hi-viz colours or black to match your running outfit. Gloves are a medium density to insulate your hands and fingers from the cold and wind, and have the same HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) properties as Brooks apparel. This means that if it gets warmer while you are out running, your hands will stay dry. There is also a hi-viz stripe down the centre so, as with the rest of Brooks Be Seen range, you cannot be missed.  Some gloves also feature a touch screen poker on the index finger so you can access your phone/MP3 player on the move and without needing to expose your fingers to the elements.