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adidas Running Accessories

Adidas have a vast range accessories to help you with your running. Its lightweight sunglasses are some of the most technical pieces of eyewear designed to protect your eyes from the sun, dust or bugs. Using their Light Stabilizing Technology, not only do they block out harmful rays, but can also increase the level of light if you are running through dense woodland by the lenses adapting to the varying degrees of light that are likely to occur depending on when and where you run. Available in two sizes and some styles have removable nose and ear pieces.  There is a good range of water bottles that are BPA free, which means they do not contain any harmful plasticisers, and waist bags and belts in a range of different colours that are suitable for carrying phones, MP3 players, keys, gels or anything else hand sized.  All the belts are fully adjustable to avoid slipping or bouncing.  If a belt or waist bag isn't quite big enough, adidas running backpacks are lightweight and fit securely so you can take whatever you need with you. To suit the season, its caps offer protection from the sun in warmer weather and are breathable and moisture wicking to help keep your head cool and dry. Winter gloves and hats keep the wind and cold away from your skin and help to maintain your body temperature.  At Christmas time, the hat and glove giftpacks make very popular gifts.