Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoes & Socks

Vibram was founded by Italian Vitale Bramani in 1937 when he revolutionised mountaineering footwear by creating the first boots with a vulcanised rubber outsole. Since then Vibram have been renowned for its specilist rubber outsoles used on a variety of footwear for different sports and activities. Many trail shoes we stock from other brands will use Vibram’s hard wearing, grippy outsoles.

In 2001 designer Robert Fliri proposed the idea of the Vibram FiveFingers, in 2004 the patent was filed and the ‘shoes’ went into mass production in 2005. Vibram Fivefingers has become the most popular ‘barefoot shoe’ brand on the market, providing the sensation closest to having nothing on your feet. The shoes are easily recognisable by the five toe pockets and the world famous yellow octagon under foot. As a brand Vibram will continue to lead the way in performance outsoles and the latest game changing innovation of the FiveFingers had a huge part in generating the barefoot/minimal running movement.

Vibram Logo

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