Science in Sport

Science in Sport grew out of the desire to provide the best nutritional advice and products to local and national athletes. The company consists of qualified sport scientists, food technologists and a physician with keen athletes and sports people. As a result of all this, it has an unprecedented knowledge of the nutritional needs of athletes. It also collaborates with leading universities on research projects, as well as getting involved at the sharp end of sports performance.

It wasn’t long before the word began to spread and Science in Sport products became more popular at the top level of many other sports. To date it has helped to win Olympic Golds, World Championships, Premiership Titles and set numerous World Records. Science in Sport designs, develops and manufactures its own products to ensure the highest quality. Science in Sport is continually striving to innovate and improve products to assist all athletes in reaching their goals and maintain its position as leaders in sports nutrition

Science In Sport

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