1000 Mile Running Socks

1000 Mile socks are the leading brand of blister prevention running socks, the double layer construction means that moisture is wicked away from the foot, there is no friction against the skin and the unique mixture of fibres helps to keep the foot cool, dry and blister free, making them ideal for road running, cross country running and gym work.

These running socks were initially developed as a medical aid for sufferers of poor circulation and foot associated problems, particularly aimed at diabetics. As the benefits and reputation of the sock spread, athletes became interested in the socks as a means of preventing blistering and controlling perspiration during their training. These features are really noticed when wearing the Fusion amd Ultimate Anklet running socks.

This British brand claim you can run 1000 miles in its socks before needing to replace them and also offer a blister-free guarantee which is why it is an obvious choice to stock them at The Running Outlet.

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