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Formed in 1992 by Dr. Ron Hill, the former European and Commonwealth marathon champion and creator of the Ron Hill sports clothing range. Hilly specialise in reflective apparel, accessories such as the Hydrafuel Waist Pack and Double Funnel Belt but most importantly socks, with the two ranges, Mono Skin and Twin Skin. Hilly has designed socks which are made from a synthetic fibre construction which means that as well as managing moisture the socks are durable and quick drying as well as being blister resistant, they contain anti-microbial/anti-odour properties and provide cushioning exactly where each foot needs it. All Hilly socks are machine washable, durable and designed to give you the most comfort possible in a running sock, after all it has not been named ‘the world’s most technical sock’ for nothing. We recommend a good pair of socks to all runners for those long sessions and you need look no further than the excellent range of Hilly socks that we stock.