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Mizuno Running Shoes


Mizuno Running Shoes have become famous for its innovative Waveplate which works to dissipate shock on impact.  As it is not made of foam, it’s more compact, lighter and does not break down over time, making it more consistant at shock absorption than rival brands. Mizuno also make a range of different Waveplates, for neutral to severe over-pronators.  It has recently developed its new U4ic midsole foam that acts as an additional shock absorber. This new technology has increased the softness and responsiveness of all Mizuno shoes, whilst making them noticeably more lightweight and more durable. In addition to this, Mizuno’s VS-1 has resistant properties towards the compressive effects of use, extending the cushioning and lifespan of the shoe.

To help the shoe move with your foot, Mizuno use Smooth Ride, a set of flex grooves and flex controllers along the sole that guide the foot along its natural motion from heel to toe.  This combines great support and flexibility with minimal irritation.  In its premium shoes they also use dynamotion grooves that increase the all round stability of their shoes. Mizuno use a durable carbon rubber outsole called X-10 that is designed to take the impact of running on roads and other hard surfaces.

Mizuno have worked hard in the past few years to create lightweight, breathable mesh uppers that are innovative in its designs and technologies. Its AIRmesh ensures breathability to help keep your feet cool as you run, and they have designed Dynamotion fit, that encourages the upper to move with your foot. Mizuno have gone to the minutest detail by creating flex eyelets to reduce the effects of bunching and sliding that can cause blisters, and give a more secure feel all round.