Odlo Running Clothes

Odlo is based in Norway and are a highly respectable brand in Europe, best known for its heritage as a manufacturer of baselayers and underwear in the ski industry. It has taken its experience of providing functional clothing for extreme weather conditions and entered the running market with a commitment to producing running clothes to the same high standards. Odlo cater for every sport intensity level and the fabrics, fit and styles are up to date and technical. It produces some of the most advanced running base layer clothing like the Evolution range and for this reason are becoming more renowned amongst athletes and all sport enthusiasts. The founder of Odlo, Odd Roar Lofterød Snr had a motto, ‘Always make sure you’re one step ahead’ which is great advice for any runner and why we decided to stock this superb brand as it grows and cements itself globally as a manufacturer of high quality sports wear.

Odlo Logo

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